Josef Hans Lara is a highly experienced professional in the fields of Global Business Development, Global Channel Sales, Global Direct Sales, Services, SaaS, and Software Licensing. He has held executive positions in SaaS and Services consulting companies, where he has excelled in driving significant revenue growth and expanding market presence. Throughout his career, he has achieved remarkable annual revenue growth, expanded into new regions, and secured substantial contracts. Josef is recognized for his expertise in business development, global channel sales leadership, value-based sales, and his role as a Certified Licensing Consultant. His multilingual communication skills, business experience, and achievements have helped him to open new markets and build strong partnerships. Josef has set several records in Channel Sales and has also authored a book on Microsoft Licensing, which underscores his expertise and commitment to ethical practices in business.


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Software Licensing

In the intricate maze of vendor software licensing agreements, Josef stands out as a beacon of expertise and reliability. With a rich legacy spanning over twenty years, he has mastered the art of negotiating, evaluating, auditing, and defending clients in the ever-evolving licensing landscapes of industry giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

Josef is not just a consultant; he's a recognized authority in the realm of software licensing. His unparalleled insights and deep expertise empower clients and partners to demystify the dense jargon of software licensing agreements, terms, and conditions. Whether it's assisting law firms with critical legal research or aiding vendors in navigating their own licensing frameworks, Josef's guidance ensures clarity, compliance, and peace of mind.

Beyond providing clarity and strategic advice, Josef also specializes in helping organizations negotiate their agreements to secure the best possible terms. He is particularly adept at identifying and correcting non-compliance situations, thereby safeguarding businesses against potential legal and financial risks. With Josef's support, companies not only navigate their current licensing challenges but also fortify their practices for the future.

At the heart of Josef's success is his ability to unravel the most complex licensing scenarios, transforming potential hurdles into opportunities for growth and understanding. Join forces with Josef and experience the confidence that comes from having a seasoned expert on your side, ensuring that your software licensing endeavours are not only compliant but also strategically aligned with your business goals.